Your Care Plan

The Care Plan is essential for planning and implementing the right care, in the right settings, at the right time. A Registered Nurse, Registered Practical Nurse or Occupational Therapist will conduct an inclusive consultation and assessment with family, primary care giver, client and other care providers as required to support the needs of your loved ones.

Personal Care

Our Personal Support Workers also provide help with bathing, skin care, and transfers in and out of bed. We can also provide other care services such as therapeutic massage, yoga, meditation, make-up and hair styling,



Our Personal Support Workers can increase social interconnection through activities such as walking, listening to music, playing cards and accompanying you/your loved one on social outings. These services are especially important for clients who have impaired mobility or memory, among other cognitive limitations or who experience loneliness during the day.

Household Care

Everyday demands at work and at home can be overwhelming while also trying to care for a family member who needs some help due to short-term, acute or longer-term, chronic health issues. Our Personal Support Workers can lighten the load, including grocery shopping, light meal preparation, laundry, and managing social activities. Our Occupational Therapists assess your loved one and recommend strategies, assistive devices and/or home modifications, to improve independence and safety.


Primary Care Giver Support

We understand the heavy burden and exhaustion that comes with the responsibility of primary caregiving. We will support the primary caregiver(s) in the navigation of public and private care options in home and facilities. We can also provide personalized Care Plans for primary caregivers, including recommendations for counselling support and resources for self-care if requested. We will also advocate and provide support in relation to access of services outside of the home.

End of Life Care

Kindness, care and dignity is the focus for end of life care. We will provide nursing and counselling care, including 24/7 in-home care support provided by Personal Support Workers and other care providers as needed.